Are players being crowned too soon ? 🤔🏆

2 min readNov 3, 2023

We don’t know exactly when it started, but we became properly aware of it around 2013, and it’s gotten worse since then.

Football pundits/writers/commentators/fans have all become obsessed with crowning players ahead of time.

We assume it’s in part linked to a need to be right? Whatever the cause is, it makes footballing discussions less enjoyable because certain players end up free from criticism because of who they will become. There’s this fixation on the next big thing….All the time.

Gvardiol, Joao Felix, Bojan, Phil Foden, Alexandre Pato.

Everyone spends so much time labelling different footballers as the next great hope, and also spend just as much tearing them down afterwards when so little of the criticism is actually about what they do, but instead what they “should” be doing.

If we’re gonna critique big money signings we are. all for it, but there is fundamentally something wrong with the need to do this to players? And I think it’s primarily an English culture thing, players in other leagues seem to get by without it becoming the noose to hang them with.

At least not to the same extent, life at times is about expectations, meeting them, beating them, but there has to be a line where it’s just not beneficial to the players, either in terms of their egos, how coaches use them, overall there is something to this

People argue that Saliba benefitted from his loan moves (We think he was good enough to have played) but when you look at how great the rush for a player to infallible by the age of 23 it makes a bit more sense.

Players might have the talent, but it definitely doesn’t help them to have to juggle such unrealistic expectations?

Maybe we’re screaming at a wall when the people who are meant to be handling this and helping the players are internal and already aware of the issues.

Maybe football and its consumers are bound to look for excitement ceaselessly…

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